Brent Jones

Grammy® and Stellar Award Nominated Recording Artist, Producer, Musician, and Choir Master, are among Brent Jones’ many titles. The accomplished artist is known for creating electrifying music that has made him popular with audiences young and old.

His interest in music peaked at the age of seven as he watched the choir and the director singing and having fun while sitting in church with his mother.  After service, he told his mother about his desire to learn and pursue music, and within 48 hours, his mother had a piano in the house and had scheduled the budding songster for his first piano lesson, a decision that would lead Jones on a musical and spiritual journey that would allow him to inspire and minister to people all around the world.

God has blessed Jones with the opportunity to produce several projects, direct many talented choirs, and minister to hundreds of different audiences, creating a long-lasting trend in the gospel music industry with his group, the T.P. (Total Praise) Mobb. Known for their hip-hop-high fashion and making music with electrifying beats with significant messages of truth, the T.P. Mobb was able to inspire not only youth looking for unique Christian expression, but people of all ages who loved good music with an exciting, uplifting message.  For years, Jones and the T.P. Mobb toured the globe and recorded popular hits such as “Midnight,” featuring Coko Clemons of the singing R&B trio SWV, and “Goodtime,” the head-bopping groove featured on WOW Gospel 2000.  But in 2004, Jones was faced with an opportunity he could not deny.  This opportunity required the Southern California native to relocate to the east coast, which meant he could no longer actively pilot the T.P. Mobb and fulfill his new duties simultaneously.  Unfortunately, this would end the successful journey of the T.P. Mobb.

After a fundamental recording-hiatus, Jones has returned home to the Golden State, and is making noise with his newest project, Joy Comin’, which debuted in the top 10 on the Gospel Billboard Charts when it was released in August of 2014. The lively album is described as a “Brent Jones Praise Party,” reminiscent of his trendsetting projects that gave fans a taste of Sunday morning choir jams. All of the songs are inspired from the messages that are near to Jones’ heart: life lessons, current events, and personal emotion.

“With this project, I want to remind people that even in these uncertain times, we can’t forget or overlook the things that bring us joy, and it’s that joy that give us strength,” says Jones.  “I want them to feel revived and rejuvenated!”

With appearances on major network TV shows like The Tonight Show, and having toured internationally in Italy, Nigeria, and other exciting countries, Jones has developed a multi-cultural following across the world.  His experiences have made the transition to becoming the Music Director at the multi-cultural Valencia Christian Center, in Valencia, California, a breeze. And that’s not all Jones has been up to. The talented melodist inked a deal to be the Artistic Director of the KJLH Radio Free Choir in the fall of 2014, and a deal to host a new television show is in the works.

Jones and his wife Scheli expanded their ministry outside of the realm of music in 2014, becoming ordained ministers.

With all of his new opportunities and responsibilities, Jones’ goals for ministry have remained steadfast. He still loves visiting choir rehearsals, and teaching his songs to the choir for Sunday morning.

“My short-term objective is to travel the world inspiring sopranos, altos, and tenors, and to create atmosphere that makes people smile, laugh, and dance,” Jones said.

A loving husband and father, Jones is sensitive, down-to-earth, and is a real family man. He is immensely proud of his daughter, who is in college, and his wife Scheli, who is an entrepreneur in the hair and beauty industry

With a myriad of opportunities in the horizon, Jones will continue to spread the Good News, and encourage the hopeless through his music.

“My long-term goal is to leave a legacy of timeless music which choirs will sing until Jesus comes” Jones said.