Masta Steele “The Rebirth Of a King”

Over the years, California’s Bay Area has delivered some of hip-hop’s biggest and brightest names; from E-40 and Too $hort, to Tupac and G-Eazy. A new name is looking to soon join their popular ranks soon. He goes by the name Steele a.k.a. Masta Steele.

Hailing from the city of San Jose, Calif., Masta Steele’s most recent project is the 2017 release of his 15-song album, titled The Rebirth of a King. In January of 2018, he dropped a banging new track, titled, “Murda Murda,” featuring Haji Springer, and who also produced the song.

Steele delivers a style and a passion akin to the greats and possesses a voice and delivery that allows him to stand out amongst the crowd. His lyrics are powerful, street, educated, informative, clever and always real. His stage presence is that of a well-seasoned major artist.

Steele’s style and brand of true school music are universal and appealing to the masses on both coasts, leaving true hip-hop fans wanting more. In a nutshell, Steele has paid his dues and his blood sweat and tears come through in his music.

Steele is currently in the studio recording new music for his upcoming project called the PRO-cess. It’s slated to be 10-12 tracks set for a summer release. Look out for the song, titled “BLESS,” produced by Beat Pusher. Scheduled for release later this spring, it is sure to be a favorite with Steele fans, and fans of hip-hop.


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