Serenity AKA T.D.B.

Community and dropping topical lyrical content are two entities that embody Newark, New Jersey lyricist, Serenity AKA T.D.B.

Since the age of 5, music has been pumping in Serenity’s veins.

Many dream of being on stage to the adulation of fans. But how many actually carve out a path and execute? Musically trained even before her high school alma mater, Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, New Jersey, Serenity participated in both the school’s marching and jazz bands. Even being apart of the official band for the Brooklyn Nets, who at that time were the New Jersey Nets.

She also loves hip hop. A strong voice that contains hard hitting lyrical content, her message empowers anyone who has seen great hardships, to get up, get out and make something of their life despite any odds against them. On vinyl, she dropped her first EP in 2009, titled “Cloud Motion.” Her sophomore project, “2 Sides To My Story” dropped in 2011 and in 2013, Serenity AKA T.D.B. released “June Rush.”

Serenity has shared the stage with hip hop mainstays and legends like: Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, T.I., Phresher, and Pastor Troy.

While having a strong voice on the stage, she’s just as effective off of it in her community. Diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease, Serenity started her I Am Not My Illness Campaign through her Make The Hurt Count, not-for-profit. When it comes to Lupus, her goal is simple: she’s an advocate and saw the need for additional support for people like herself and those with similar health concerns. “I’m living proof that we are not our diagnosis,” she says. “We can pursue our passions, no matter how difficult.” She also has spoken on panel in the New York metro area empowering high school and college students to follow their dreams

Having experience as a community leader, musical artist, a woman in a male-dominated field and survivor of a major disease, Serenity knows she’s a brand and has a deep layered story. She leans on advice from Malcolm Miles, her mentor and an executive at YMCMB’s. “He taught me how to think, act, and be a brand,” she said.

Her story is strong and her message is consistent!