How to choose stairs?

Today almost all country cottages are built in 2 floors or more. In this case, you can not do without a staircase. The ideal solution is to prepare the stairs in advance. Thus, depending on its shape and size it will be possible to arrange openings between the floors. But there is the most practical and profitable option. The ladder can be ordered, taking into account the dimensions that are necessary to builders in the process of building a country cottage.

In addition to its direct purpose, the staircase is an addition and decoration of the interior, and gives the house a special, individual style. All stairs are divided into several types according to different criteria. It depends on its purpose, position in the house, construction, functionality and other parameters.

What does a staircase consist of

Steps. They consist of two surfaces: a vertical surface (step), on which a person steps on walking, and horizontal (step), which is connecting.


Railings and other fences. They are installed at the customer’s request and are a sufficiently important part of the stairs. Other fences can be handrails, posts. When installing railing additional beauty of the construction can provide balusters, special vertical elements that give an exclusive and attractive appearance. They can be made of all kinds of materials: wood, iron, marble, bronze and others, depending on the design of the room and the staircase itself.

Rack and Bolts

Roosters and Bolts. Additional support elements, without which any staircase in a private home cannot exist. The main part to support the entire structure in a spiral staircase is a rack. And special bolts, which are built into the wall, where the construction steps are later fixed, are called Bolts.

Types of stairs

There are three main types of stairs for country houses and cottages. These are spiral or spiral staircases, marching staircases, as well as structures on Boltsy. Below, we will consider each of these types of stairs in more detail.

The stairway is a series of several steps in turn. Their number corresponds to the number of stairwells and depends on the design of the stairway and floors in the house. There are three types of staircases. The ladder with such design is the most widespread and demanded variant for country cottage. Going down and climbing such a ladder will not be difficult. But it should be considered that the stairs are most suitable for a private house with a large area.

Types of marching stairs. According to the layout of the stairs are divided into the following types: straight stationary and swivel stairs.

Choose the type of stairs according to the layout depending on the size of the cottage or country house, the height of the ceilings and, of course, your own wishes.

Direct staircase. Stairs connecting 2 floors of a single staircase is called a straight staircase. It is the most simple, inexpensive and quite common option for arrangement of a country cottage. Convenience and durability of a design are the main advantages of such ladders.

The stairs are swivel. It is built of several marches and has additional space between them. Such design becomes ideal for premises with the small area. It takes less space than a straight ladder, even if the height and number of feet are the same. Similar designs, as a rule, build along a wall. Thus, there is enough free space under the stairs to place a chest of drawers, chiffonier and other furniture.

There are several types of swivel stairs, which we will consider below.

Types of swiveling ladders

It’s an L-shaped view. Otherwise, such a staircase is called a quarter – reverse, because it connects 2 marches at right angles.

It’s a U-shaped view. In this case, the marches are connected at an angle of 180 degrees. Otherwise, the staircase is called a half-turned staircase. It looks like two marches, between which there is a platform called storey, in case it is placed at the level of floors, or intermediate, when it is between them.

The three sectioned view. The staircase is a half-turned staircase, which consists of three flights, located between them at right angles.

The stairs are trapezoidal. The distinctive feature is that in this case the marches are not connected at right angles. This type of staircase is most common in rooms with individual layout.

Curvilinear view. Otherwise this type of stairs is called curvilinear, or circular. The rotation angle of such constructions is 360 degrees. Look perfect and unusual stairs like this will be in every home.

Combined view. The design of this staircase combines several other species. Let’s look at an example. From the first floor there is a circular staircase, then, on the second floor or higher it turns into a trapezoidal structure.