How to choose wooden stairs?

A wooden staircase is a staircase, the bearing elements of which are made of different types of wood. Such elements include corkscrews, treads (steps) and steps. As for the fence, it can be made of any material. Although practice shows that in wooden stairs balusters and railing are also made of wood.

Wooden stairs – a very popular construction, used to move between floors of the house or structure, in our country. This is primarily due to the fact that wood is quite common and easily accessible material.

The second reason is the fact that make a wooden staircase, for example, of pine under the power of almost everyone.

Installation of such stairs can be carried out on any type of slabs: wooden, prefabricated or monolithic reinforced concrete. Moreover, in the latter two cases, quite often the stairs are not leaned on pure reinforced concrete, but on a wooden floor made with boards, plywood and (or other wooden products.

Types of wooden stairs

As you know, there are many types of staircase structures. So, there are direct and rotary ladders, with foreign steps and it is not present, folding and marching, on bowstrings and on stringers.

All this theme of separate article. Here will be considered only two principal differences, namely in material (price):

  • Economy class are the ladders made in most cases from such breeds of a tree, as a birch and a pine. They are distinguished by their low cost, ease of material processing and assembly. The main drawbacks here are modest aesthetic qualities and a high probability of the squeaking with time when walking on it.
  • Premium class – stairs, in the manufacture of which are used valuable species of wood: oak, maple, ash, beech, mahogany. Such stairs are much more expensive than the previous ones, but they look much more impressive. In addition, the correct manufacture of such a structure will be difficult. Therefore, for this purpose, most often hired a specialist from the outside.